Steel Handling

The Liverpool and Birkenhead Steel and Metals Terminals are jointly operated by Peel Ports Group and Denholm Handling.

With the ability to handle any type of cargo from road vehicles and sea going vessels, Denholm Handling offers a flexible approach to customer requirements without compromise on service levels.

Experienced staff, many with over 25 years of experience in the products handled, are supported by IT  systems providing bar coding, stock control and track and trace facilities, all ensuring products are protected throughout the logistics chain.

Liverpool is the closest deep sea port to the West Midlands, where half the UK’s steel is consumed. The fully automated Liverpool Steel and Metals Terminal is adjacent to the container terminal as well as a deep water berth to cater for bulk shipments and perfect for both large and small shipments.

The experience and knowledge within Denholm Handling together with Peel Ports Group’s extensive assets allows them to deliver a truly world class service.